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Accommodation Campaign Only for the Residents of the Niigata Prefecture

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Enjoy the greenery and fresh air bringing you closer to the nature.

Accommodation Campaign Only for the Residents of the Niigata Prefecture

We are in this long, stressful period which we have never experienced before. However, little by little, we have to start living a human life. Therefore, we would like to inform the foreign residents of Niigata prefecture of this campaign.

In Niigata Prefecture, No-One has been infected for nearly a month as a result of our patience and compliance of the "Stay-Home" policy.

We are starting the campaign in the Niigata prefecture offering a discount of 5,000 JPY per person for the accommodation charge of 10,000 JPY or over during the period of June 4th to Aug 31st, 2020.

This is an activity focused mainly to activate the Hotel/Ryokan industry in Niigata Prefecture.

View Package Details


Package Details


[Period of stay]
From 4th June 2020 to 31st Aug 2020 

[Applicable person]
Residents of Niigata Prefecture 
Number of participants: From 2 person upto 5 person maximum.

[Discount offered]
Up to 5,000 JPY off for the accommodation charges of 10,000 JPY or more per person at accommodation facilities in Niigata Prefecture. 

Our recommended area in Niigata
Surrounded by Japanese Alps, the Yuzawa town lies between the natural wonders where you can experience the calm panorama of greenery and fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Take some time off away from this current situation and relax enjoying the view and activities available in this place like hiking, hot-spring bath in this calm town.

Booking Process

How to book?

Please contact us through a specific hotel page on or contact us form here if you have a desired hotel in Yuzawa or any area in Niigata prefecture.

Here are our recommended hotels in Yuzawa:

1. Toei Hotel

2. Hotel Futaba

3. Inamoto Ryokan

4. NASPA New Otani

5. Takahan

6. Hotel Angel Grandia

After we recieve the email for the reservation from you, we will soon send you the estimate of the price. If you are okey with the estimated price please let us know through the email. 

Payment Process:
After your confirmation, we will send you the payment request through Paypal.
(We require full amount when you make your booking / The full amount will be the net price taken after deducting the 5000JPY discount.)

Check-in Process:
After you make the payment, we will reply you with the confirmation of your reservation attached with the reciept and voucher. 
We will also ship the voucher to your address. Please, bring the voucher and show it to the front desk when you check-in. 


For further inquiries, kindly reach us through email or contact us directly from here.


This campaign may end without notice.

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