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Traditional "Hegi-Soba" Making Workshop [2-hour] 【code: 20WSP489】

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Nothing quite like a handful of handmade noodles.

Traditional "Hegi-Soba" Making Workshop [2-hour] 【code: 20WSP489】

Note: Do not purchase without prior consultation about the tour availability.

Note: The workshop will not be available during Wednesdays.

Soba noodle is one of the most important Japanese cuisine made using buckwheat which has been consumed since the ancient time.

Simple, Healthy and tasty! This buckwheat noodle is the recommended meal for someone with high pressure due to its health benefits. Now the Hegi-Soba has started to become popular through East-Japan because of its unique & smooth texture. It has been one of the popular hands on activity among both the domestic and international travellers. 

Learn to make Hegi-Soba, one of the variety of traditional Soba noodles also popularly known as the "Special cuisine of Niigata prefecture" using special ingredient which the common Soba does not has.

Do not worry about making perfectly shaped noodles. Even it is your first time, it is okey if your noodles are irregularly shaped. All we want for you is to enjoy the workshop and taste of the hand-made Hegi-Soba noodle with your family or friends! So, make Soba noodles by just Soaking the buckwheat with water together, then knead, roll and cut. Learn the artificiality to the Soba making process, and the process of making it so natural.

Our Chefs with years of experience teaches you kindly how to make unforgettable Soba with rich aroma and rich taste. After making the Soba noodle using your own hand, your noodle will be cooked by the chef and served with a delectable fried "Tempura". After completion, you can choose to enjoy your handmade soba with warm soup or enjoy with cold dipping soup. Enjoy your noodle with by dipping in a simple bowl of "dashi" or with soy sauce, sesame oil, chopped green onions, and a sprinkle of chili flakes.

After the Lunch of delicious Soba noodle, our next destination will be the local farm to pick up "Echigo-Hime" local Strawberries as per your prior confirmation for this trip!
Please understand that this strawberry picking tour is provide by us as the complementary tour option after Soba noodle work shop to treat you with another rich experience here in Yuzawa. There will be an additional charge of 3,200JPY only to take the trip, also the personal expenses at the farm is on your own if you wish to buy and take it to your home or taste it on the spot. Also, the trip maybe canceled or operated depending on the farm or strawberry conditions during the period.

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Number of People Price Per Person
3 persons 14,700JPY 4,900JPY
4 persons 15,000JPY 3,750JPY
5 persons 16,800JPY 3,360JPY
6 persons 18,600JPY 3,100JPY

The Price Includes:

  • Free transportation service
  • Guided tour in English language
  • Fee for the Soba making workshop
  • Hegi-Soba noodle + a delectable side of fried "Tempura" lunch.
  • Strawberry picking (on your expence/additional charge of 3200 JPY p.p.)

Note: You Must Have A Group of 3 People or More.

Note: No Child Price Setting (Applicable for All Age-Limit)





Total Time Duration: 2 hours

Note: Please separate extra 15 minutes for travel time to the location.

Potential schedule follows:

For 11:00 am

Activity Time
Pick Up 10:40 am
Making Soba 11:00 am
Tasting Soba 13:00 pm
Drop Off 13:20 pm

For 12:00 pm

Activity Time
Pick Up 11:40 am
Making Soba 12:00 pm
Tasting Soba 14:00 pm
Drop Off 14:20 pm


We will not be liable to keep track & take any responsibility regarding your dietary requirements and religious restrictions. Our Workshop includes:

  • Ingredients for a delectable side of fried "Tempura" which will be seasoned  according to the Chef's own recipe. As, this will be based on the traditional local culture, we can not accept your request for the ingredients.
  • Use of buckwheat and seaweed soup as binding agent.
  • Soup for Soba usually contain, fish (bonita) soup and soy souse, and small amount of "Mirin" cooking sake (wine)


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