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Dragondola in Autumn

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A breathtaking display of nature's colors

About “Dragondola in Autumn”

The Dragondola is a 5,481 meter long gondola lift that links Naeba Ski Resort to Tashiro Ski Resort. Apart from shifting skiers and snowboaders between the two in winter, it also gives fantastic views of the stunning autumn colors in October/November each year.

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Return Trip: Adult 2,200 yen, Child 1,100 yen
One Way: Adult 1,400 yen, Child 700 yen


09:00 - 16:00 from October 11 - November 9 2014
Last boarding at 15:00



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Detailed Information

The journey on the Dragondola takes around 25 minutes.

If you start at Naeba there is a shuttle bus from the Bus Terminal to the Dragondola. Once you get to the Tashiro side you can walk 25 minutes up hill to the Tashiro Ropeway which will take you back to the road. Alternatively you can take the round trip option. Once you have had a walk around and a snack at the restaurant, you can catch the Dragondola back to Naeba.

During the autumn, the mountains of these areas display a wide array of beautiful colors from the vivid autumn foliage. Therefore, during this time the gondola is famous among the nature lovers for viewing autumn color leaves and forests and hiking. This ropeway is famous for being full of mesmerizing surprises all along the way.

You will slowly start ascending towards the mountain with the great view of the venue where Naeba Summer music festival, popularly known as Fuji Rock is held every year. Through the entire way the visitors are awestrucked by the breath-taking aerial view of the forest almost 300 meters high and the beautiful colors from the vivid autumn foliage all along the way. As you will continue ascending towards the mountain and then descend along the way again, You will understand why it was named Dragondola. It will almost exactly feel like riding the back of the dragon, going up and down across many valleys.


Naeba Prince Hotel, Naeba, Niigata

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