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Tokamachi City

Echigo Tsumari, a huge art exhibition, has works scattered across all the towns in the Tokamachi area

About Tokamachi City

Tokamachi is another of the larger towns in Snow Country and is something of a cultural center.

It is famous for the production of high quality kimono material, the making of which used to occupy the residents once they were cut off by the deep winter snows. The kimono matsuri in spring commemorates when the city merchants would arrive to purchase the fruits of their handiwork.

It also hosts an art festival that makes use of spaces around the town as settings for the installations and works. The Tokamachi Snow Festival is one of the biggest in the region. With the Belnatio hotel and the local country club golfer are also spoilt for choice. The Townships of Matsudai, Tsunan and Matsunoyama also fall within Tokamachi City.

All > Snow Country Region > Tokamachi City