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Train Seat Reserve Service【20WSP796】

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Train Seat Reserve Service【20WSP796】

Hop Step Japan is proud to present many options for your visit to snow country.

You don't need to go through the hassle of getting your Shinkansen tickets at the stations. Grab your bags, get into the train and enjoy your trip. We offer packages that include shipping of your ticket to your hotel locally or at a certain place in Tokyo. Please send us your flight details and we will arrange the purchase and shipping of ticket to your location in Tokyo.

With an additional fee, you may opt to receive your tickets from an airport counter at airport terminals in Narita or Haneda. Please see the instructions below for airport counter pick-up:

At Narita Airport Terminal 2

1. Once you are out of the arrival gate of the Narita Airport Terminal 2, take the stairs or elevator towards the third (3rd) floor of the departure lobby in the same building. Walk straight to the North Wing and look for the counter that says 'GPA' Aiport Delivery Service with a black cat symbol. There are 2 GPA counters at the 3rd floor, one is the Currency Exchange and the other one is the Aiport Delivery Service. Go to the GPA Airport Delivery Service with a black cat symbol located before the Counter A check-in.

2. Introduce yourself to the clerk, provide an identification and you will receive your package.

3. Please ensure that the package contains the tickets. 

4. After you have check the tickets, please proceed to the train platform at the ground floor of the Airport Terminal. The JR train platform is on the right side while the Keisei Line is on the left side.

At Narita Airport Terminal 1

Once you are out of the arrival gate, head to the hird floor of the departure lobby building and find the counter that says 'GPA' which has a black cat symbol.

At Haneda Airport International Terminal 

Once you are out of the arrival gate, head to the third floor of the departure lobby and find the counter that says 'JAL ABC'.

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[Optional Train Ticket

Departure From/To Tour Price (JPY) Included
TOKYO One-way Ticket 8,000 Reserved Seat
Ticket Shipping (Domestic ONLY)
TOKYO Roundtrip Ticket 15,200
NARITA One-way Ticket 11,500
NARITA Roundtrip Ticket 22,500
HANEDA One-way Ticket 8,500
HANEDA Roundtrip Ticket 16,500
SHIN-OSAKA One-way Ticket 20,500
KYOTO One-way Ticket 22,800
NAGOYA One-way Ticket 23,200

For packages that include tickets to the Fuji Rock, please go to Shinkansen + FRF Ticket Package

Booking Process

E-mail us explaining what you would like to do and we will put together a package that fits your needs. Please use the contact button at the top of this page.


Our services include train booking, arrangement, and ticket shipping service (Haneda/Narita International Airports +1,000 JPY). Of course, you can use the 24-hour email service, and we will do our best to let you enjoy the Fuji Rock festival with peace of mind.

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