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Uonuma-no-sato Sake Brewery

Snow Country Region > Minami Uonuma City

Uonuma-no-Sato give a unique look at the products of the region

About “Uonuma-no-sato Sake Brewery”

Uonuma-no-sato is a showcase for all things Hakkai-san surrounded on all sides by beautiful natural scenery. The famous sake brewers have created a wonderful attractions.

The brewery itself is the biggest building here and a tour is a fascinating look at what makes Hakkai-san such a well-known brand.

Another interesting building to visit is the snow storage warehouse. Winter snow fills half the building and keeps the contents at a constant temperature throughout the year. Sake matures in tanks in the warehouse and the snow also chills the goods in the food shop next door. There is also a tasting room here where you can sample everything Hakkai-san has to offer.

There are several options for food. There are traditional soba and udon shops or the chance to eat in the newly refurbished staff canteen alongside the brewers. There is a cafe and cake shop that offers cake made with sake lees and a chance to enjoy the great views with a coffee or green tea.

Stroll around the gardens and enjoy the views of the mountains and valley.

There is also a cooking school where you can try your hand at making some of the famous cakes available for sale in the gift shops.

This area is a charming destination for sake fans or anyone looking for a great day out.

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09:30 - 16:30



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Kamimori, Minami Uonuma, Niigata, 949-7112

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